How to Find Your Pokemon Go Friend Code

Pokemon Go Friend Code
Pokemon Go Friend Code
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Many people are wondering what a Pokemon Go Friend Code is. Simply put, a friend code is an account number you can use to add other players to your friend list on the game. This allows you to easily track down and battle with those who are nearby. Make sure you give out your friendly code only if someone asks for it sincerely – spamming others will not get them any closer to capturing all of the iconic pocket monsters!

What is a Pokemon Go Friend Code

A Pokemon Go Friend Code is a unique code that allows you to connect with other players in the game. When two people are connected through their friend codes, they can see each other’s location and catch Pokémon together. Additionally, when one of the participants requests a friendship raid, all players who have registered their friend codes will be notified and able to join in on the fun.

While this feature can be fun and exciting when it works correctly, there have been reports of widespread cheating due to people using friend codes inappropriately. Make sure you only use your friend code if you trust the person who has it!

How Does Pokemon Go Friend Code Work?

Friend codes are unique identifiers for pokemon players to use to connect. Once you have created a friend code, you can add it to your player profile on the game’s website. After doing this, you will see the friend code of any other pokemon player who has added their code to their player profile. You can then join with that player to battle, trade, or chat with this code.

How to Find Your Pokemon Go Friend Code on Android?

To find your Pokemon Go code on Android, follow these steps:

1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.

2. Under “General,” tap “About phone.”

3. Under “Build number,” tap “Sign out”, and then enter your Google account password.

4. Tap “OK” to return to the “About phone” screen.

5. Scroll down to the “Serial number” section and tap it.

6. Tap “Contact info” and enter your friend’s email address.

7. Tap “Send.”

8. Your friend will receive an email containing your friend code.

How to Find Your Pokemon Go Friend Code on iOS

There is no officially released method to find your Pokemon Go Code on iOS devices, but there are a few unofficial ways. 

One way is to use the app’s settings. Open the app and go to “Settings”. On the “General” tab, you’ll see a “Friend Connections” section. Enter your friend’s name, and you’ll be sent a text message with their Pokemon Go Code. 

Another option is to look through online search engines for your friend’s Pokemon Go username and enter it into the app’s “Friends” section. 

If neither of these methods works for you, you can find your friend’s Pokemon Go username by asking them directly.

How to Find Your Pokemon Go Friend Code on Windows Phone

To find your Pokemon Go friend code on iOS, open the app and select “Friends.” From there, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Add Friend.” Enter your friend’s name and email address, and press “Send.” Your friend will receive a notification inviting them to enter their Pokemon Go code.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as finding your Pokemon Go code on Windows Phone may vary depending on your device and operating system. However, some tips on how to find your Pokemon Go code on Windows Phone include using the search function on your phone’s main menu, visiting the official Pokemon Go website, or searching for “Pokemon Go Windows Phone” on Google.

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